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Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, we specialize in Canadian nature puzzles ranging from 15 to 500 piece sizes for adults and kids.  Our jigsaw puzzles feature Canadian animals, birds, sea life, plants and landscapes.

Interesting, educational information about the puzzle subject is included on the jigsaw puzzle box.

Easy Jigsaw Puzzles

– 15 piece magnet puzzles – adhere to fridge or any magnetic surface

– 20 large piece puzzles – perfect for young kids and anyone wanting easy assembly

– 30 piece puzzles – small size makes them easy to transport or assemble anywhere

Moderately Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles

– 60 piece puzzles – great for older kids, or adults who do not want to spend  hours assembling the puzzle

– 120 piece puzzles – can be assembled in 1 to 3 hours, depending on experience

Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles – Recommended for Experienced Puzzlers 

 – 240 piece puzzles – there is little variation in the shape of the puzzle pieces but, when done correctly, pieces interlock perfectly. 

– 500 piece puzzles – more variation in puzzle piece shapes than the 240 piece  puzzles, but still extremely challenging

Check out our FAQ page for information on puzzle and puzzle piece sizes, as well as personalized puzzle information.

If you want to know more about ordering custom puzzles, or wholesale pricing, see our Contact Us page.

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